May 29,2009 – September 20, 2019

Our beloved dog “Kiki” has passed away.  It’s with a heavy heart we said goodbye to Kiki on Friday, Sept. 20th, 2019.  She was a cherished part of our family and gave an amazing amount of love to us and those that got to know her.  Over the years, we had many great experiences together.  She was a great travel companion on many family roadtrips.  Originally, she was a rescue dog from a shelter we visited/supported in Korea.  Since then, our daughter and Kiki basically grew up together for more than a decade.  We will miss her more than we can say but will always cherish the memories in our hearts.




March 2006 – August 8, 2019

A true lady.

We definitely belonged to Pandora, never the other way around. She was a social butterfly – charming everyone she met –and a gracious and entertaining hostess at the many family and social events at her home, and in her neighborhood commons. This independent, confident kitty was never afraid of anything –not the visiting deer, or the indignant blue jays, or the very noisy vacuum cleaner. She had better things to do than worry.
Thank you from the bottom of our sad-but-grateful hearts to Dr. Carmona, who guided us in honoring her joyful spirit by helping her go gently onto her next adventure.


03/01/2004 – 12/18/2017

Sachem was one of those special dogs that loved and was loved by everyone (2 or 4 legged) that he met.  He loved swimming, tennis balls, going for walks, all food (especially bananas, blueberries and apples) and snuggling.  He was a loyal family member who positively changed our lives.  Sachem filled our home and hearts with love.  We are so grateful for the time we had together and will miss Sachem forever.


03/29/2005 – 07/20/2017

“Remember to live each moment as Barney did; with unconditional love, loyalty, and happiness.

And that the journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.”

We miss our beautiful boy, but take comfort that he will be remembered, with a smile, by anyone who met him.



Your family loves you Riley. You were a crazy, wonderful, sensitive, loving, caring, and all-around awesome dog. That day in the animal shelter in Burbank, when we picked the quiet puppy in the corner, we had no idea that this tiny little creature would change our lives forever, and in the best possible way. You were with us through several moves, several states, and two children. We will never have another dog that can fill the void you left in our lives and in our hearts. You protected and loved our children as though they were your own, and no dog can ever play that part again. You were always so much more than a pet. You were truly a once-in-a-lifetime member of our family. Your suffering is over, and in that we take some small comfort. At long last you really can catch one of those bunnies that you always chased in your dreams.




Miss Magwich “Maggie”

Beloved Maggie, my little sweet pea.



Our beloved Iris was taken as a kitten from a drug house….that is one day we will never regret. We gave Iris 10 years of love that she never would have known. When we brought her home she played and played and felt so comfortable like she knew she was finally home.It was fun to watch her as a happy kitten instead of the environment she was in. She was a loving cat who loved to be cuddled and enjoyed watching birds and squirrels. She developed cancer at 10 years of age and we will never forget the effort Dr. Dwyer and Dr. Carmona made to try to save her life.The compassion and care she was given was truly remarkable. Iris will be missed and we will be forever grateful to North HIlls for all they did for her.



When we saw Sparky at a pet store, he had been there about 2 months …and one day I said that if he is still there next time we go in, I would take him. It seemed like nobody wanted him so I knew that he should go home with us! Sparky had the run of the house, he was independent, spoiled and would be so territorial he would chase the cats out of the living room. They became afraid of him after awhile. His bedtime was 9pm if we could locate him and He also loved his veggies and wooden house that was made especially for him. He would hear the fridge door open and run to it and on his hind legs try to jump at the veggies on the shelf. Sparky is greatly missed.



Coco and Jezebel were sick when we got them so they went straight to Dr. Carmona the next day for medication. He took special care of Coco and in no time she was running around chewing everything in sight. She loved to jump over carboard tubes, eat her veggies and liked tipping over the food dish so I would have to refill it again! Floor time was her favorite.The unique thing about CoCo was that she loved to be held and cuddled and oddly enough,she chirped like a bird if she was startled. I was shocked when I heard it but I found out they sometimes do that. CoCo is greatly missed.

Soot was a Seal Point Siamese we rescued from the dog pound. She was the only kitten hiding under the bed and my aunt called us and asked us if we wanted her–Im so happy we did as she was such a blessing to us and brought 20 years of joy to our lives. She developed diabetes at 10 years of age and because of Dr. Carmona’s encouragement, I was able to give her insulin shots everyday. She loved her blueberry muffins, chicken, electric blanket (even in summer)going outside on a leash and she had her own Christmas tree. I will be forever grateful to the staff at North HIlls for caring for her for so many years…